The Same Kind of Awkward: A video interview with web series creator Jessica Mills

Jessica Mills is the creator, writer, star and producer of the web series Awkward Embraces, now gearing up for its second season.  Her web series is all about nerdy girls, because as its tagline says: “Nerdy girls need love too.”  Into Star Trek: The Next Generation?  That makes you a girl nerd.  You should definitely be a fan of this web series!

Mills has more projects underway as well, so check out the links below the video to find out more.

Check out Project A Productions to watch episodes of Awkward Embraces.

Follow Jessica Mills on Twitter @geekyjessica and her series @AwkwardEmbraces.

Watch more on the Project A Productions channel on YouTube.


Much love to Jessica Mills for doing this interview and picking me up in her car as I was wheel-less in Los Angeles!  And apologies for the sound quality as I took my cheapo camera into a loud restaurant.  The food was good.  The sound was bad.    A fun time was had by all.

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