Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway! A video interview with Kai Soremekun, creator of the web series CHICK

Kai Soremekun is the creator-writer-director and star of the web series CHICK about a woman who wants to be a superhero.  She’s based in Hollywood, California and has recently finished the first season of her show — an ambitious 20 episodes! The second season is currently in development.

I met Kai in May 2010 at a seminar on internet marketing for filmmakers and then we met up again during my trip in August to Los Angeles. ( The all-day seminar was well worth it!  Note the section in the interview in which Kai talks about the mastermind group she’s just finished, all about the artist + entrepreneur model of filmmaking.)  She’s one of the most inspiring and positive people I’ve met, despite the fact we’ve only spent a few hours together!  CHICK is all over the web, so check out the links below the video to learn more.

Watch episodes of CHICK.

Follow Kai Soremekun on Twitter @kaisoremekun.

Join the CHICK page on Facebook.

Watch the CHICK channel on YouTube.

Join CHICK‘s MySpace page.

Check out Kai Soremekun’s website.

Read an article about CHICK on We Love Soaps TV.

Read about Kai Soremekun and her show CHICK in The Washington Post.


Sincere thanks go out to Kai Soremekun for doing this interview!  Her patience during my camera troubles was admirable.  Toward the end of the interview, we were shut down by bookstore security for “customer filming,” so we relocated down the street to a hotel courtyard.  Much better atmosphere…

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