National Cinema: Call for interviews & guest posts

Returning after a much-appreciated hiatus, the Her Film blog will be hitting it hard beginning this month as we move into the new year in a few weeks.  More interviews with women filmmakers and posts on films about women will go up on the blog in the coming weeks.  The “Her Film News” monthly newsletter will officially launch the first week of January 2012.  I can’t wait!


In 2012, a new series focused on national cinema will be introduced.  This series will help me delve into the experiences and work of women filmmakers from particular areas in the world, with a new area or country featured about every quarter of the year.  Filmmakers are wanted for interviews (short Q&A’s, standard interviews and long-form multiple part interviews) as well as guest posts.  For information on how these interviews work and how to participate, please check out the Join in! page.

Beginning in January, the first areas to be featured in the National Cinema series will be Turkey and Sweden.  Turkey purportedly has more working women filmmakers than Hollywood, and Sweden is actively engaged in enforcing mandates to increase funding of films made by women and films with at least 40% women in key positions.  We’ll be discussing women filmmakers from these countries as well as the films themselves, funding schemes, audience reception and the history of women filmmakers, plus much, much more.

If you would like to participate by conducting an interview with a Turkish or Swedish woman filmmaker, writing a guest post, being interviewed or participate in another way, please email me to let me know how you would like to become involved in the National Cinema series.

THANK YOU to all of you who have subscribed to the blog, signed up for the newsletter or connect with Her Film on twitter, facebook or some other way.  It is vital that we support each other and stay in contact.  I am back on track and rested up from the hiatus, and I’m ready to reboot this blog & global project!

Happy to be back and to know you’re all out there trying to make a difference,


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