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Since I read an article in The Guardian newspaper in October written by director Carol Morley on her newest film, Dreams of a Life, I’ve been haunted by the story and following Morley’s film as best I can.  I wrote a short piece here a couple of months back.  Morley’s documentary focuses on the mysterious life and enigmatic subject of Joyce Carol Vincent, a woman who died in her small London flat, only to be found three years later, nearly mummified.  How did it happen? Why? Who was Joyce Carol Vincent?  Carol Morley’s film is being released in cinemas in the U.K. today.

Check out the following links for more information on her and her film, Dreams of a Life:

SCREENING DATES (through March, 2012):  http://dreamsofalife.com/screenings

Website: http://dreamsofalife.com/

Twitter:  @_CarolMorley  and  @DreamsofaLifeUK

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/DreamsofaLife

Dogwoof (distributor):  http://dogwoof.com/films/dreams-of-a-life



Some of you may have been following the recent developments with regard to the Producers Guild of America’s (PGA) stipulations about accepting English-language only films for awards considerations.  Karin Chien, producer of many films, including the recent Circumstance by director Maryam Keshavarz, has taken issue with this given the complicated production and financing realities of film today.  During the debate surrounding this issue, Angelina Jolie’s film, In the Land of Blood and Honey (her directorial debut) received a major award from the PGA despite the fact that the film is in the Bosnian language.  Karin indicated to me in a tweet about my asking “why?” that celebrities can often get around these rules.  I wonder how often this happens?

Check out the following links to catch up on what’s happening.

Karin Chien wrote a piece for the Huffington Post on Dec. 13:

An Open Letter to the Producers Guild of America – by Karin Chien

(Chien’s letter was also released by Filmmaker Magazine.)

Indiewire posts an article with a response:

PGA Responds to ‘Circumstance’ Producer, Says Rules Will Be Revisited

Marian Evans of Wellywood Woman posted a stellar interview with Karin Chien on Dec. 14 talking about Asian film, women filmmakers in Asia and Chien’s distribution company dGenerate Films.  Check out Marian’s piece: “Karin Chien: Producer & Distributor Extraordinaire” and follow her project, “Development,” on Facebook and Twitter @devt.

You can follow Karin Chien on Twitter, too: @producerkarin and @dgeneratefilms.



At the recent Dubai Film Connection and the Dubai International Film Festival, proper, several women received top awards for their films. Among them are:

Susan Youssef – Habibi Rasak Kharban (Darling There’s Something Wrong with your Head) / Best Arab Feature, Duba International Film Festival

Dalila EnnadreWhen Home Becomes Hell / DIFF Award for Documentary

Kaouther Ben HaniaZaineb Hates the Snow / Screen Institute Beirut (SIB) award for documentary

Nujoom AlghanemAmal / First prize, Muhr Emirati section

Marian Al Sarkal – London in a Headscarf / Special Mention, Muhr Emirati section

Katia JarjouraThe Eye Of The Devil

Najwa NajjarEyes Of A Thief

(Warp Films in the UK and Oktober Productions in Iceland are now attached to Eyes of a Thief.)

Deema AmrA 7 Hour Difference

Danielle ArbidBeirut Hotel  (This film has been censored by the Lebanese government. Read the article here.)

Taghreed ElsanhouriOur Beloved Sudan

Yasmina AdiHere We Drown

Check out more:

Screen Daily (“Women directors take top prizes at Dubai Film Connection”)

The Daily Star (“Arab women filmmakers shine at Dubai Film Festival”)

IBN Live (“Women directors dominate awards night at Dubai film fest”)

Follow Delphine Garde @Delphinegm and the Dubai International Film Festival @dubaifilm and see the lists of winners on the DIFF website.


SWAN Day / Support Women Artists Now Celebrates 5th Anniversary in 2012





The organization WomenArts in San Francisco has announced SWAN Day 2012 and is gearing up for the big event!  SWAN Day is now an international holiday which coincides with Women’s History Month (International Women’s Day is every March 8 and turned 100 this year).  SWAN Day is a special day to celebrate women artists all around the world, and WomenArts has some great ways to become involved, including organizing and posting events, accessing fundraising materials and publicity materials, plus much more.

Check out the SWAN Day page at http://www.womenarts.org/swan/, and START ORGANIZING!!!

To connect with other women artists, be they painters, filmmakers, sculptors, etc., you can create a profile at WomenArts.  It’s easy and free!  Start networking now by clicking here.

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    • Thanks so much for your compliment and for the link to the game! I just completed it, and am floored by the way it forced me to be so self-reflective and conscious about my own life and those around me. I think it’s fantastic, thanks again. It reminds me a bit of what Miranda July does for her film THE FUTURE, where she sends a “fortune cookie” type message via email, though hers are always humorous. They make you think about life.

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