Reading Albert Nobbs

With Oscar buzz around Albert Nobbs for Glenn Close (who finally deserves one of those golden bad boys — 5-time nominee!) and her recent Golden Globe nom for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama (2-time winner!), I’m dying to see the film.  It’s in a platform (limited) release now with select screening engagements, but it rolls out in a hopefully wide release across the U.S. on January 27.  Itching to know more about it, I googled the website and visited it for the first time, only to find a nugget of creative gold: the SHOOTING SCRIPT!  How stoked am I?! And because it’s a shooting script, the film will play out as it’s laid out in the script.  I’ve been burned before, especially by a brilliant Charlie Kaufman script for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, only to find that after reading it, the film had a totally different ending.  Disappointed by an earlier draft! (But still a very good film.)

Has providing a shooting script online been done for many other films?  I haven’t heard of it before, and usually find scripts through websites dedicated to providing them.  But I think it’s absolutely brilliant and would like to see more studios and production companies follow suit.  Do you know of other scripts that are online of movies just being released or soon to be?  Send the links my way, please!

I’m now planning a time today to curl up with my laptop and read all 108 pages of what’s sure to be a lovely romp through Gabriella Prekop’s, John Banville’s and Glenn Close’s minds…

Would you like to read it, too?  Here it is, and please, if you’re feeling the urge, leave your comments below!  I’d love to hear what others think.

Read the Albert Nobbs shooting script by clicking here.

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