Tips and Inspiration for Marketing, Branding and Distribution

Helpful article for shaping an approach by clearly articulating your idea.  This is also great advice for filmmakers who may want to start a crowdfunding campaign or need a website for their film.  It’s a sound foundation for marketing strategy which filmmakers need for all media they want to use to distribute or support their film.

Read the article here, from the Three Training blog.


Tip to filmmakers on what online platforms they might want to use in order to make useful and meaningful connections, build their audience and grow word of mouth about their work.  It’s Tumblr!

Read the article from the Center for Social Media here.


Inspiring presentation by Women Are Gamechangers (founded by Vernetta Freeney) about Kai Soremekun, the creator, director, writer and star of the successful web series “CHICK.”  Kai’s work in integrating media and presenting her work is a fantastic lesson in branding.  ‘CHICK” is more than just a web series; it’s an attitude, a world view, a mindset.  In short, Kai employs values-driven marketing and embraces the larger idea behind her web series.  (Watch my 2010 interview with Kai by clicking here.)

Watch the Women Are Gamechangers presentation here.


Resources for media creators with web series and where you might want to go to help build word of mouth and secure publicity for your web series.

Read the article here.


Fearless & famous documentary filmmakers Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing talk about why they’ve chosen to crowdfund a self-distribution campaign for their newest documentary Detropia which screened at Sundance this year.

Read the interview for the Doc Soup blog on PBS’ POV section.

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