Life in the Movies: Filmmaker blogs to follow

I like reading the experiences of filmmakers, writers and actors and how they describe the experience of working in film and media.  I often find myself laughing out loud, shaking my head in dismay, or being inspired to focus more on my own writing and my plan to direct my first narrative short next year.

Film is a calling, not just a job, and I appreciate all you filmmakers and “behind-the-sceners” out there who are brave enough to write about how you’re able to do it!  These are some of my favorite blogs to follow, by filmmakers, writers and activists.

Filmmaker Mama   (by Emilie McDonald)

Imagine Stories  (by filmmaker Stephanie Law)

Mahogany J. Slide  (by filmmaker MJ Slide)

Ophelia Thinks Hard  (by a writer-actress)

Wellywood Woman  (by writer-filmmaker-cultural activist Marian Evans)

Which filmmakers’ blogs do you read?  Do you write one of your own?  Email me the link!

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