Africa story wars: Two black female cultural leaders discuss the importance of narrating Africa-sourced stories

Steppes in Sync

Tsotsi is one of her favorites.

Her name is Zama Mkosi, a daughter of a South African Supreme Court judge and a lawyer herself. Initially involved in maritime law, she provided legal services to such international co-productions as South Africa-based and directed Oscar winning film, Tsotsi.

Starting in 2012, she got in charge of the National Film and Video Foundation in Johannesburg, which means Mrs Mkosi is a prime promoter of the South African film industry both domestically and internationally.

She has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and run the New York Marathon (it took her slightly north of five hours to do the latter). Together with her husband, Mrs Mkosi founded an event management company for married couples under the name Uthando Events.

Zama Mkosi talks about the importance of developing creative projects that tap into local stories for inspiration. Animation is in high esteem for her.

“Until lions learn…

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