Goodbye Her Film, hello Her Film Project!

We say goodbye to Her Film in 2013 as we launch our new and improved (and expanding) website for Her Film Project, a global project to support women filmmakers and help build audiences for their films.  Her Film needed to grow, so that’s exactly what it’s doing.  We’re adding a lot of things in the new year, so head on over to find out what’s new!  We now have a new blog, the Her Film Project blog, but will maintain this website of as the official Her Film Archives of blog posts from May 2010-December 2012.

Visit Her Film Project’s new website!

Thank you to all the readers, guests and supporters of Her Film since it began in May of 2010.  We hope you will continue to engage with us on our blog and social media, as well as help us support women filmmakers from around the world.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Her Film, hello Her Film Project!

    • Hi Judy,

      Yes, you’re right. Film isn’t really being used anymore as the industry standard, and even film manufacturers have closed down. But the term “film” I don’t think will ever die. It is descriptive in a way that the informal “movie” just isn’t. Film’s an art form as well as a form of entertainment, and we use the term to talk about both more than we use “movie” to talk about both. Digital mimics film, making us still believe that it’s a 24 frames per second literal movement of photographic film; it’s not quite the same situation as the word “record” falling by the wayside in preference of “album,” when talking about music. “Her Film” (the blog) and “Her Film Project” (its new and expanded incarnation) describe the medium in a way that is still globally understood. “Movie” or “digital film” just don’t get to where I want to go and how I want people to embrace the project and support filmmakers.

      Thanks very much for your comment. It’s something I think about, too, but have come to the decision (which I hope will last!) that “film” is still the best term to use to talk about what I do and the work of women that I support. I appreciate you taking the time to pose the question, though, since the industry’s undergoing some major changes now, technologically.

      – Kyna

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