SPOTLIGHT: Anna and Modern Day Slavery

Filmmaker Magda Olchawska’s new feature film Anna and Modern Day Slavery takes on the serious (and not often discussed) subject of sexual slavery and human trafficking.  On a meager budget and with a short production schedule, Magda is making this film because she wants “people to wake up and see how cruel our advanced society is.” (Olchawska is also founder of, an online resource for filmmakers to help build online audiences for their work.)  She is also running a daily video blog throughout pre-production, production and post which she estimates will be about five months in duration!  Check out the first video blog from March 11:


Of her new film, Magda Olchawska also states, “I can only guess that making ‘Anna and Modern Day Slavery’ is going to be an emotional journey. However I do believe that together we can make a difference and make people more aware of the huge problem humanity is facing.”  As part of her plan to help expose this horrible reality, Magda will also be making the film free to view online by anyone around the world.  Prior to that, she plans on making the festival circuit with the film.

Action opportunities will be included with the film as well to allow audiences to remain engaged on the topic of modern day slavery.  Olchawska explains, “After watching the movie the audience will have a chance to make a donation towards making another Anna movie, (this time about illegal organ selling) & toward charities helping the victims of human trafficking. The charities will receive 55% of the total donations.  We will also have special packages for community & campus screenings of which 55% earnings will go towards the charities, too.”

Olchawska asks, “Why don’t you join us on this crazy and exciting ride and help us make the world a better place?”  Learn more about the film and how you can connect by reading below.


Crowdfunding through: IndieGoGo

Campaign goal: $12,500

Days left on campaign: 35 (deadline April 20)


Anna runs the Organization, a secret network of people around the world exposing uncomfortable truths behind governmental & corporate actions.

Video pitch:



After working for years in the top governmental agencies Anna is fed up with lies, corruption and injustice. She goes underground and sets up the Organization which is a secret network of people around the globe.
The Organization tries to make society more aware of one of the pressing issues governments would rather not talk about.  Anna isn’t afraid of using illegal methods such as hacking (she is one of the top hackers in the world) to expose corruption in high places.
Currently Anna is in Eastern Europe trying to expose a gang of human traffickers whose connections run deep into political and business circles across the globe.
Pawel, a talented researcher, helps Anna interview someone who is deep inside the traffickers’ trade. He unwittingly gets entangled in the unstoppable current of events.


Magda M. Olchawska (Writer/Director)
Jan Broberg Carter (Music Composer)
Rafal Debowski (Production Designer/Art Director)
Marek Olchawski (Producer)
Heather Payer-Smith (Producer: Visual & Marketing & Promotion)
Janet van Eeden Harrison (Producer & Script Advisor)

Connect with this filmmaker and learn more about her new film:

Facebook: /magdaolchawska

Twitter: @magdaolchawska


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