Women and Hollywood is Hiring!

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Blogs by Melissa Silverstein | June 13, 2012 12:08 PM

I am happy to announce that I am ready, willing and able to hire (PAY!) – either one or two (depending on the hours available) people to work on the Women and Hollywood team.Description

I am looking for an intern or two who will help take Women and Hollywood to the next level.  You need to be interested in issues related to women and hollywood; love social media and have an interest in writing and editing.

The person or people hired will:

– help expand the reach of Women and Hollywood into other social media platforms like pinterest

– be responsible for updating different parts of Women and Hollywood and the weekly update on films opening.

– help with research projects

– write blog posts

– help with day to day activities.

Here’s what I am looking for:

– A 5-10 hour a week commitment.  I need a total of 10 hours.  It can be divided into 2 jobs based on people’s skill set.

– A commitment through the end of the year.

– Someone who loves feminism and pop culture

– Someone who can work remotely.

– Someone who is reliable.

– Someone who is creative, hardworking, organized, and self-motivated.

If you have blogging experience that is a plus, but not required.  The person will most probably need to be US based due to the time difference issues.

To apply for the job send me a brief description of under 400 words of why you want to work at Women and Hollywood, and your resume.   Send all information to melissa@womenandhollywood.com.  I am looking to hire right away.