SPOTLIGHT: License to Pimp

What would you do

if the strip club you worked at became a brothel?

Would you adapt to it, fight it, or quit?

LICENSE TO PIMP chronicles three strippers facing this dilemma.  Lola competes with club prostitutes to keep her job & support her family.  Daisy tried to get the city to enforce the laws & is up against strip club management & the strippers themselves who want to maintain the status quo.  Mariko quits working in the strip clubs & works independently of the club circuit so she can retain her earnings.  Ex-stripper & filmmaker Hima B. goes behind the scenes to reveal current workplace realities & show how the clubs operate by violating workers’ rights.

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Crowdfunding through: Kickstarter (as of this post, 22 days left to go on campaign)

Campaign goal: $30,000 (as of this post, $3,341 funded)

Courtesy of Hima B.

From filmmaker, Hima B.:

“I worked in half of San Francisco’s strip clubs during the 1990s and saw their transformation into brothels.  Now as a filmmaker, I uncover current working conditions & try to find out how strip clubs are able to operate outside the law.”

“As stripping increasingly gains acceptance within popular culture, more and more women & teenagers enter this industry and are unaware of their rights & workplace realities.  This documentary reveals the impact these illegal practices have on workers.  This is why License to Pimp needs to be made.”

Courtesy of Hima B.

The Characters:

Lola begins stripping as a 16 year old after learning her mother has cancer & needs treatment.

Daisy Anarchy goes public about how the strip clubs’ illegal fees have pushed many strippers to prostitute.

Mariko Passion quits stripping at her favorite club as the work becomes increasingly sexual and spills into her personal life.


Hima B. (Director/Producer/Camera)

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